Electric water heater: decentralized, flexible & efficient

Viessmann Vitotherm electric water heater

Experience gained from over 100  years in heat production is Viessmann's basis for every form of energy generation offered. Over that time sustainable sources have becoming increasingly important: be it for heat recovery from the environment or electricity generation from solar energy.

As a result, Viessmann has expanded its comprehensive range of heat generators to include electric water heaters and electric heating systems. We can therefore provide the user with everything from a single source: efficient energy systems for generating and storing power on site, as well as the intelligent utilisation of this power for heating, cooling and ventilation. The new electric systems can also be combined with existing heat generators. They can be used in a wide variety of modernisation and new build projects.

Electric DHW heating for individual needs

Domestic hot water is a basic need, for which every household has a different solution. Examples include heating with a boiler, a solar thermal system or an electric water heater. An electric water heater offers numerous benefits: the water is only heated when it is needed. This reduces electricity costs without sacrificing convenience, as the water is available immediately. Since the distances between the domestic hot water system and the draw-off point are usually very short, there is scarcely any heat loss. Other benefits of electric water heaters are virtually maintenance-free operation and relatively low acquisition costs. Last but not least, heating domestic hot water with electricity is extremely convenient, with many different models to choose from. Domestic hot water systems are available in many output stages, sizes and colours. In many cases, the water temperature can be accurately set to the selected degree. The most common electric DHW systems include instantaneous water heaters and DHW cylinders. 

Instantaneous water heaters

Vitotherm electric water heater

With an instantaneous water heater, the cool tap water is heated as it flows through the appliance. Some Viessmann electric instantaneous water heaters have four functions. In addition to the sensors for inlet and outlet temperature, another flow sensor and a motorised valve ensure that the domestic hot water flows out of the pipe at a precise temperature. Depending on the model, there are various modes such as the Eco function or electronic air bubble detection function to increase ease of use.

DHW cylinders

Viessmann Vitotherm wall mounted storage water heater

Unlike an instantaneous water heater, the domestic hot water is stored temporarily in a DHW cylinder. Depending on the cylinder volume, these appliances are referred to as either small storage water heaters or wall mounted storage water heaters. Vitotherm small and wall mounted storage water heaters from Viessmann hold between five and 150  litres, making them highly versatile. The small storage water heaters with five litre capacity are mainly used to supply domestic hot water in small kitchens or offices. All that is required for connection is a 230  V socket. Wall mounted storage water heaters with a volume of up to 150  litres, on the other hand, are designed for electric DHW heating in a normal bathroom or utility room. They are even able to supply several taps with domestic hot water to the exact degree. You can read more about what makes these appliances stand out on the page entitled Wall mounted and small electric storage water heaters.

What are the benefits of generating domestic hot water with electricity?

Efficiency is fundamentally influenced by various factors. These include the structural conditions. If the draw-off points in the house are far apart, decentralised heating of domestic hot water with electricity can prevent heat loss. These must be taken into account when the hot water is transported over longer distances. Even if water is only needed infrequently or in small quantities at individual draw-off points, an instantaneous water heater can be worthwhile.

Power consumption is an important criterion

In times of rising electricity costs, there is increasing focus on the consumption of appliances. This is significantly lower with modern electric water heaters than with older models. If the electricity demand is also covered by a photovoltaic system on the roof, the savings potential is even greater. This makes electric water heaters an efficient and climate conscious solution for homeowners.

Heating and domestic hot water with electricity from renewable sources

Viessmann Vitoplanar wall collector

It's not just electric DHW heating that can help to protect the climate. Heating can also be supplied sustainably, if electricity from renewable sources is used. This is an aspect that has high priority at Viessmann, and is reflected in our product range, which includes not only electric water heaters, but also electric heating systems. Vitoplanar electric heaters offer flexible application options in newly built low energy and passive houses, as well as in modernisation projects. In addition to electric underfloor heating mats for laying on screed and below laminate, parquet and tiled floors, Viessmann's comprehensive range also includes infrared heaters. These come with staggered outputs and are suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. A variety of surface finishes can be selected to suit the respective application. The Vitoplanar EC4 wall collector, for example, is characterised by its discreet design and variety of sizes. For bathrooms or hallways, infrared area heating with a mirrored surface is also available.

Replacing old instantaneous water heaters is worthwhile       

As with outdated heating systems, many instantaneous water heaters still in operation do not work efficiently. They heat the incoming cold water with a constant output that is often too high. In addition, the outlet temperature of the domestic hot water cannot be set directly. To obtain the required temperature, the domestic hot water needs to be mixed with cold water. Advanced, electric water heaters with fully electronic control such as the Vitotherm EI2 function quite differently. The output is regulated according to the selected DHW temperature and flow rate. As a result, instantaneous water heaters rarely have to use their full output and work more efficiently as a result. Expressed in figures, these appliances consume up to 20 percent less electricity and reduce water consumption. 

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