Vitovolt Photovoltaic Systems: high yield capacity, uncompromising quality, and guaranteed safety

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Vitovolt Photovoltaic Systems are suitable for installation on the roofs of detached houses and apartment buildings as well as commercial and industrial premises. These energy solutions help all sectors of the community meet the growing demand by taking advantage of free solar energy to generate power using photovoltaic modules. They have three main benefits: environmental protection, an increase in property value, and the reduction of energy costs.

A comprehensive process of quality assurance ensures that the high demands placed on the Vitovolt series photovoltaic modules are fulfilled. The stages of production of the Vitovolt modules are carefully monitored, starting from the comprehensive commercial and technical qualifications required from our suppliers all the way to our reliable distribution network.


Attractive design

Vitovolt modules are distinguished by their sleek design and optimal dimensions. Some modules feature a black anodized frame, very dark monocrystalline cells, and a black Tedlar film that could transform the roof of any structure. The result is a unique design for attractive solar architecture and maximum outputs for optimum energy yield.


Monocrystalline modules in a black design

By installing the Vitovolt photovoltaic modules, users exemplify a responsible attitude towards the environment and actively contribute to protecting the climate by reducing carbon emissions. This is an important step towards a more sustainable way of life.  

Vitovolt photovoltaic modules feature high outputs and uncompromising quality, plus the comprehensive Viessmann product and performance guarantees. The monocrystalline modules are designed with a rated output of up to 325 Wp, while the polycrystalline modules with 60 cells are rated for up to 285 Wp. Additionally, all modules are only supplied with positive output tolerances. As a result, you benefit from an output increase of up to 325 Wp.

Innovative and reliable technology

When you choose a photovoltaic system from Viessmann, you know you can count on our high quality and technical expertise thanks to more than 40 years' experience in developing and manufacturing solar thermal systems.All Viessmann heating systems are designed to work in combination with solar technology, so you can opt for a heat pump, a wood heating system or a new oil or gas condensing boiler as you wish.