Viessmann Invisible

Viessmann Invisible

Do you see a wall? We see a world first. Viessmann Invisible is the space saving climate and energy solution that can be integrated almost invisibly into the room.  

Precious space: In times of rising property prices, every square metre of living space counts. With Viessmann Invisible, spaces as small as 10 m2 can be put to optimum use and designed as you see fit.
Incredibly efficient: Heat pump, ventilation system, cylinder and all accessories are brought together on the smallest of footprints. Viessmann Invisible is the compact system solution that creates space for new room concepts.
Invisible technology: Thanks to customisable design surfaces and concealed pipework, the system blends discreetly into any living space.

Viessmann Invisible

Do you see a wall? We see a world first. Viessmann Invisible is the space saving energy and climate solution that can be integrated almost invisibly into the room.

A mechanical room that can be discreetly integrated into new buildings.
Don't believe it? See for yourself.

New room concept? It can be arranged.

Picture for a moment a mechanical room. What do you see? Probably freestanding components, pipes on the walls and ceiling and most definitely not much space for anything else. Which is why we have reimagined the mechanical room. As a compact all-in-one system, about the same size as a wall cupboard, that integrates seamlessly into a hallway, utility room or hobby room. This opens up new possibilities for the use of space.

Precious space

In times of rising property prices, every square metre of living space counts. Compared with a mechanical room, Viessmann Invisible can save you up to 6 m² of space.

Incredibly efficient

Heat pump, cylinder, ventilation system and all accessories are brought together on the smallest of footprints: Behind the front panels, the perfectly matched components work away quietly.

Invisible technology

Thanks to customisable design surfaces and concealed pipework, the system blends discreetly into any living space.

Fitting round or into a corner, side by side or in a block?
Whatever suits your floor plan.

Thanks to three different siting arrangements, Viessmann Invisible fits seamlessly into any floor plan. Narrow passageways and hidden recesses can be optimally utilised – arranged inline, the system is just 281 mm deep. A "back-to-back" setup is also possible, allowing you to place one part in the hallway or guest WC and the other in the utility room. A corner arrangement ensures you can even make the most of small, awkwardly shaped spaces.

And behind the panelling?
A compact system solution.

A look inside reveals: Heat pump, DHW cylinder and ventilation system combine maximum efficiency with reliable, quiet operation. Incidentally, the same applies to the power storage unit and outdoor unit installed in the open air. As one of the quietest of its kind, it can be installed without problem in densely populated areas. The system is supplemented by photovoltaics for self-generated power from solar energy and – if required – by a Viessmann Charging Station.

Surely you can't get more efficient than that? Well, actually, you can – with Viessmann One Base. This allows you to link all components with each other and conveniently control the entire system via the app using the Energy Management feature.

Components at a glance

This is the beating heart of the system: The air source heat pump has an impressive output ranging from 2.9 to 8.0 kW and comprises an indoor unit and a cylinder module. With an installed depth of just 281 mm, the slimline system keeps components, pipework and installations out of sight whilst also saving space.

Designed for new buildings with a usable floor space of up to 200 m2, the central mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery and humidity control supplies the living space with purified and heated outdoor air. To maintain operation at low outside temperatures, there's also the added option of an electric preheating coil.

With its compact Diamond Edge Design housing in grey Vitographite, the outdoor unit blends harmoniously into any setting. Thanks to its quiet operation, it can be easily installed close to the property boundary and works reliably even in difficult weather conditions.

The cylinder module ensures efficient storage of the generated thermal energy for use when required. The stainless steel cylinder connected to a loading system has a capacity of 250 litres and offers a high level of DHW convenience.

The monocrystalline photovoltaic modules boast impressively high performance figures and module efficiencies. They enable you to make profitable use of solar energy and save on energy costs. 

Thanks to flexible storage unit sizes and a storage capacity of up to 15 kWh, the modular power storage unit optimises power consumption in single-family and two-family houses. A hybrid inverter enables you to connect photovoltaic modules.

Forward-looking and smart with it: The electric charging station offers a safe and reliable way to charge electric vehicles using renewable energy. The maximum charging power can be set as required: up to 3.7 kW for 1-phase and up to 11 kW for 3-phase.

Mapping all energy flows in real time: Viessmann Energy Management at your service. Once you've linked all components to each other using Viessmann One Base, you can then use the ViCare app to control your entire system. Whether it be the power generated by your own photovoltaic system or the consumption of that power on site – everything is conveniently managed from your smartphone or tablet.

All benefits at a glance

A system that's also an entire mechanical room: With Viessmann Invisible, all components are kept out of sight – allowing you to stay flexible in your design choices.

Compact design

The system accommodating the heat pump, DHW cylinder and ventilation system has an installed depth of just 281 mm.

Stylish integration

Discreetly disguised or attractively presented: Integrate the frame and panelling harmoniously into the room design.

Maximum efficiency

All modules deliver exemplary performance and are perfectly matched to each other for maximum overall system efficiency.

Flexible layout

With a choice of side by side, block or corner arrangements: Stay as flexible as possible and create larger usable spaces.

Consistent independence

Supplemented by photovoltaics and a power storage unit, you become less dependent on public grid operators and fluctuating energy prices.

Smart networking

Real-time control via app: With Viessmann Energy Management, you can view and control all energy flows in your home.

The benefits of a Viessmann heat pump system

The installed heat pump uses the refrigerant R32 which has a low GWP100 (global warming potential) of 771.

The Climate Protect label is based on the TEWI indicator (total equivalent warming impact) which quantifies the lifecycle efficiency of the appliance and the global warming potential of the refrigerant used.

The hydraulic system with integral flow sensor and bypass ensures optimum circulation volumes. It is also up to 60 per cent smaller than comparable systems and thus takes up significantly less space.

Thanks to service link, a trade partner is automatically contacted by mobile phone in the event of a malfunction. And free of charge. This avoids unnecessary journeys and allows maintenance work to be completed more quickly on site.

They are among the quietest of their kind. This is ensured by a sound-optimised fan which, thanks to intelligent speed control, significantly reduces airborne noise in both full and partial load operation.

FAQs about Viessmann Invisible

The system is designed for new buildings with a living space of up to 200 m2. While the hydraulic and ventilation module should be installed in the utility room, the cylinder module can be accommodated as a block version in the cloakroom in the hallway or in the guest WC.

The connections for the outdoor unit and the drain need to be taken into account at the house planning stage. A connection diagram for this can be found in the technical guide. You should also consider the wiring when planning the electrical installation of the heating system. This includes the power supply for the ventilation system, heat pump, outdoor unit and electric heater as well as the communication link between the units.

Yes, two systems have already been installed at Fertighauswelt Schwarzwald. There is a system in situ in each of the show homes by prefabricated house manufacturers Büdenbender and Kampa.

The basic line comes with surfaces in high grade Vitopearlwhite. The Manufaktur line is different in that it is supplied without panels. This gives you the freedom to choose exactly the fronts you want from third party suppliers.

The price depends on your personal requirements and the conditions on site. The components and services used and the type of installation also play a role here. This is why we are happy to provide you with an individual quote.

Please note the current delivery times of our products. Due to supply bottlenecks, delivery times for selected products may currently be longer than usual.