Our sustainability approach

We create living spaces for generations to come

Our sustainability approach is manifested in our purpose: to create living spaces for future generations. As a business with a history stretching back more than a century, we know how to drive innovation, evolve and continually adapt. Enthusiasm and the courage to strike out in new directions are part of our DNA.

Now it's time to put those skills to the test. Because we know that we need systemic change and rapid action to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Only by doing so will we ensure that present and future generations can live safely on our planet, within planetary boundaries and with the aim of realising a society of equal opportunities for all. We know that we are facing a complex task that requires continuous development. Which is why we are focusing on what we can do as a climate solutions provider in the building sector, in the knowledge that we are part of a larger system that needs to be reformed. Our vision of the future is what guides us through.


Our vision for the future

In the year 2121, we will live in clean cities. Our buildings and our economy are climate positive. Our buildings adjust temperature and air quality in real time, ensuring a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient home for their occupants. Like the entire economy, buildings are circular in their use and reuse of resources. Energy systems from different networks are now interwoven, working intelligently together to connect all buildings for maximum energy efficiency. Heat and cold are distributed and reused via energy and water networks. The electricity grid connects all buildings to form one renewable power station. The gas grid supplies biomethane and green hydrogen from wind and solar energy. Our information network optimises our energy consumption, thus guaranteeing the most cost effective energy supply at all times and in every area. In the year 2121, we are living on a planet that seems to be recovering. And we have all played our part in getting this far.

Climate science shapes how we go about fulfilling our purpose. Our world knows that without sufficient action we will not be able to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. This threshold is crucial, as a higher temperature rise will incur severe environmental, social and economic costs. For us, ignoring the science means ignoring our own purpose.

Which is why we have used scientific data, such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Science Based Targets Initiative, as well as in-house analyses and collective design processes, to develop our own climate strategy: "LEAP to Net Zero". This climate strategy shows how we are facing up to our responsibility to lead a system transformation towards net-zero buildings.

Our 2030 climate targets for achieving net zero

We will reduce direct emissions from our operations by at least 48 percent in absolute terms (compared to 2019; Scope 1&2).

We will reduce our indirect emissions from upstream and downstream processes by at least 55 percent relative to the level of economic activity (compared to 2019; Scope 3).

"LEAP" is an ambitious plan to align our actions with global climate goals. This plan is based on four pillars: Leap, Empower, Advocate and Partner ("LEAP"). Together with our partners, we want to take a "leap" towards that net zero emissions goal, both in our own operations and in the systems of which we are a part.

"LEAP to Net Zero" is directly linked to our purpose and affects the entire value chain of our company. As part of our climate strategy, we have set two specific, timetabled climate targets for achieving net zero emissions for our own operations. We are aware of our role as a partner, advocate, employer and pioneer in our sector and hope to inspire and motivate everyone around us to drive this change with us.


Climate neutrality can only be achieved through cooperation. Partnerships and shared responsibility for the living spaces of future generations enrich us all and open up a host of different opportunities.

Professor Dr Martin Viessmann Chairman of the Board

Our global climate strategy is just the beginning. To realise our vision, we will need to go further. The next step involves us working on a holistic sustainability strategy for the entire Viessmann Climate Solutions SE. Climate change mitigation is the most important lever for sustainable development, but we need to look beyond climate. "Creating living spaces for future generations" doesn't just mean ensuring a healthy planet to live on. It also means providing security, justice and a healthy life for all. This requires us to look at all areas of our business and our activities within the systems of which we are a part. We have just set out on our journey. We're now looking forward to becoming a pioneer for system change in the building sector and to approaching the new with the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit that is deeply rooted in our corporate culture.