Vitoplanar panel heating

Infrared heaters, rapid heaters and wall convectors. Electric wall heaters from Viessmann offer a wide range of applications: for example in the bathroom in the spring and autumn, when it is not yet worth turning on the heating. Or in the conservatory, the garage or in the basement, which is often misused as a hobby workshop. There are many reasons why electric surface heating is the optimal solution for temporary heat generation in such cases.

Pleasant infrared heat thanks to electric wall heating

Modern surface heating systems that are operated electrically are often used in the form of wall heating. Depending on the model, they are attached above the floor or at eye level. From there, they emit the thermal energy in the form of infrared radiation to the installation room. Many people are very familiar with infrared radiation from medical applications. Before a massage, she warms up the body pleasantly. And in the household, infrared lamps are often used to relieve a cold.

However, this radiant heat can also be used for heating. The surface heating systems developed for this achieve their full effect when the infrared radiation hits objects and people in the house. This energy is then in turn released evenly to the living space.

Wall convectors provide heat in the shortest possible time

Electric panel heaters are not only available as infrared heaters, but also as wall convectors. If these convectors are operated electrically, they release the thermal energy into the environment in the form of heated room air. Heat is generated extremely quickly and the devices are relatively inexpensive to purchase. Whether as a support for the existing radiator in the bathroom or as a complete heating solution for rooms that are rarely used: Viessmann wall convectors are available in several output levels. They are therefore suitable for several areas of application. You can find detailed information on this type of heating on the Vitoplanar wall convectors page.


The picture shows a wall heater with a mirrored surface.

Rapid heaters are extremely compact

Another electric heater for wall mounting is the Vitoplanar rapid heater. As a direct heater, it also gives off heat to the room in the form of convection and, thanks to its compact design, can be installed almost anywhere. Like the other electric heaters, this radiator runs on electricity, the connection to which is available in practically every residential building. If you want to protect the environment, you can also purchase green electricity for the rapid heater.

Regardless of their design, Vitoplanar systems are efficient and safe. These include the consistently high radiation effect, two temperature limiters for the best security, highly insulated rear sides for maximum radiation, maintenance-free and magnetic field-free technology and, last but not least, flexible mounting options. The devices also have a so-called window opening function. When the window is open, this ensures that the device switches off and does not work uneconomically.

Green power cable as a symbol for the use of green electricity in wall heating.

Variety of types and discreet design

Infrared heaters are suitable as electric heaters for wall mounting for other reasons: The devices are available in different power levels, sizes, designs and meet every heating requirement. Especially as electric mirror heaters, they are particularly interesting for users who value functionality. After all, these function on the one hand as heating elements and on the other hand as reflection surfaces. This is made possible by the highly polished surface, which gives the radiators the appearance of a conventional mirror. If you like it classic, you can choose a model with a white surface.

Other advantages of wall-mounted electric radiators

With Viessmann as a system provider for conventional and electric heat generators, end customers receive high-quality heaters that guarantee heating comfort at the push of a button. The devices are almost maintenance-free and enable quick and easy installation. Thanks to the way they work, there is only minimal heat loss during operation.

They are ideal for renovation in old buildings as well as in new buildings. There they are even suitable as economical full heating if the building envelope is adequately insulated. However, their use as a supplement to a heat pump or a gas condensing boiler is more common.

The special features summarized:

  • Decentralized or central heating of bathrooms, kitchens, anterooms
  • Also suitable for temporary buildings
  • Low investment costs
  • Ecological operation with "green" electricity
  • Easy and quick installation
  • No maintenance necessary

Product range

Infrarotheizung Vitoplanar EI2

Vitoplanar EI2

Infrared heating
Outputs: 1000 / 1500 watts
Surface: glass, white

Infrarotheizung Vitoplanar EI2

Vitoplanar EI2

Infrared heating
Outputs: 500 / 750 / 1000 watts
Surface: glass, mirrored

Infrarotheizung Vitoplanar EI3

Vitoplanar EI3

Infrared heating
Outputs: 500 / 750 / 1000 watts
Surface: glass, white

Infrarotheizung Vitoplanar EI5

Vitoplanar EI5

Infrared heating
Outputs: 250 / 500 / 750 / 1000 watts
Surface: steel, white (RAL 9016)

Vitoplanar EI2 DI – design with your favorite motif

Vitoplanar EI2 DI – design with your favorite motif

The glass front of a Vitoplanar infrared heater is made for a decorative appearance. It can be individually printed with your own design - with a company logo, holiday or family photo. There are no limits for your creativity. In addition, the heating panel can be mounted vertically or horizontally. With outputs from 180 to 700 W, the Vitoplanar EI2 DI is available in four sizes.

A photo file serves as a template for the design. The file size should be at least 5 MB and have a resolution of 300 dpi for a clear reproduction. The image is then 160 x 63 cm on the largest panel with 700 W power.

●  Power: 180 to 700 W
●  Surface temperature: max 70 °C
●  Rated voltage: 230V
●  Connection: cable with Schuko plug, 1 m
●  Surface: 6 mm safety glass
●  Device/mounting depth: 30/61 mm
●  Service and maintenance-free
●  Magnetic field-free

Vitoplanar EI6 E – almost invisible

Vitoplanar EI6 E – almost invisible

The Vitoplanar EI6 E infrared panel is only noticeable when it is in operation. With the highest degree of radiation efficiency, the infrared heater emits heat efficiently and in an energy-saving manner. Due to the flush installation in walls and ceilings, the heating system is hardly noticeable. It can be controlled either wired or remotely.

● Power: 350 to 750 W
● Surface temperature: max 120 °C
● Connection: cable without plug, 1 m
● Flush installation in plasterboard, concrete, wooden ceilings or walls
● Installation frame with click system
● Control: wired/radio
● Service and maintenance-free
● Magnetic field-free