Electric electric heating systems

At Viessmann, the experience from more than 100 years of heat generation is the basis for every form of energy generation. In the meantime, sustainable sources have taken on a high priority: be it for generating heat from the environment or for generating electricity from solar energy.

Decentralized space heating solutions with Vitoplanar

There are living areas where the installation of Vitoplanar surface heating is recommended, for example to heat up the tiled floor in the bathroom and kitchen area quickly.

In the course of modernization, Vitoplanar electric heaters offer flexible application options. In addition to electric floor mats for laying on the screed and under laminate, parquet and tiled floors, Viessmann's complete range also includes infrared heaters. They come with graded outputs and are suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting.

Different surfaces are suitable for the respective application. Optionally, the radiating surface is painted in the RAL color or is supplied with a white glass front. Infrared panel heaters with a mirrored surface are also ideal for bathrooms or hallways. Of course, all devices can be operated in an environmentally friendly way with sustainably generated electricity, which is now available everywhere.