Vitosol 200-TM

Vacuum tube collector

Highly efficient vacuum tube collector with ThermProtect automatic temperature-dependent shutdown

Heat pipe principle
Long service life
Protection against overheating
Heat pipe principle

Vacuum tube collectors according to the heat pipe principle


ThermProtect automatic temperature-dependent shutdown for high operational reliability

Long service life of the overall system

Through temperature-dependent shutdown in the event of stagnation in summer

Protection against overheating

During prolonged exposure to sunlight

Dry connection

No direct contact between process medium and heat transfer medium, for easy replacement of tubes while the system is full

Less space required

Compared to flat-plate collectors due to greater efficiency

Constantly high output

Without the risk of absorber contamination

High levels of solar coverage

Therefore suitable for central heating backup

Flat roof installation

Designed for horizontal installation on flat roofs and larger systems

Less shading

In horizontal flat roof installations due to larger tube spacing

Can be rotated by up to +/- 45 degrees

Absorber can be rotated by up to +/- 45 degrees

Low service costs

Due to longer service life of solar components and pumps thanks to ThermProtect

Lower static load

Due to reduced need for ballast in horizontal installations

Vitosol 200-TM vacuum tube collector

Vitosol 200-TM vacuum tube collector

The Vitosol 200-TM vacuum tube collector has been designed specifically to be mounted horizontally in large systems on flat roofs and for apartment buildings. The absorbers can be rotated through 45  degrees to best mirror the path of the sun without increased shading.

Operational reliability with ThermProtect

The new ThermProtect automatic temperature-dependent shutdown function prevents overheating when no heat is drawn off and there is a high level of insolation. The Vitosol 200-TM is therefore also suitable for buildings that are not in use all year round, such as schools.

Maximum heat transfer

The collector works according to the heat pipe principle, where the heat transfer medium does not flow directly through the tubes. Instead, a process medium evaporates inside the heat pipe and transfers the heat through condensation to the heat transfer medium via a copper heat exchanger. This method guarantees maximum and optimum heat transfer, as well as excellent operating and service characteristics.

Quickly, simply and safely installed

The header casing does not need to be opened when tubes are inserted. Retaining caps in the base rail prevent the tubes from slipping. Should a service be required, the tubes can be replaced quickly, cost effectively and easily due to their dry connection, without having to drain the system.

The integrated range of solutions for the Vitosol 200-TM

Benefit from the value added services and digital services of Viessmann's integrated range of solutions.


The Viessmann FörderProfi service streamlines and simplifies the entire subsidies process, from application to payment.

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Product details

Gross area

2.36 / 5.25  m²

Collector type

Vacuum tube collector


Dark blue collector casing and absorber surfaces form a visually seamless whole.

Application area

Residential buildings, commercial enterprises, local authority premises, new build and modernisation projects

Installation type

Optimised for horizontal flat roof installation –– tubes can be rotated by up to 45° without increased shading thanks to ideal tube spacing.

Additional features

For heating DHW, heating water and swimming pool water via a heat exchanger.

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