Vitorond 200

Cast iron low temperature oil/gas boiler

Low temperature oil/gas boiler, which is transported into the boiler room in individual sections and assembled there with a compression tool.

Rated heating output: 440 to 950 kW
Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN] using fuel oil: 88 %
Economical and environmentally responsible
Eutectoplex heating surface
Low temperature oil/gas boiler

Rated heating output: 440 to 950 kW

Economical and environmentally responsible

Thanks to modulating boiler water temperature

Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN]

With fuel oil: 88 % (Hs) [gross cv]

Eutectoplex heating surface

For high operational reliability and a long service life

Three-pass boiler with low combustion chamber loading

Thanks to clean combustion with low emissions

Simple and quick assembly of the individual cast sections

Due to double groove system with resilient packing cord for permanent sealing on the hot gas side

Easy handling

Thanks to sectional design and low transport weight of individual sections

Increase in standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN] up to 12 %

Thanks to utilisation of condensing technology with Vitotrans 300 stainless steel flue gas/water heat exchanger

Easy to use Vitotronic control unit

With colour touchscreen for excellent ease of use

Integral LAN interface

For internet communication and integral WiFi for service interface

Economical and safe operation of the heating system

Vitotronic digital control system with communication capability

Standardised LON bus

Enables complete integration into building management systems

Vitorond 200: cast iron low temperature oil/gas boiler

Older buildings in particular often have narrow entrances which can make it difficult to manoeuvre a new boiler. With the Vitorond  200 sectional cast iron boiler, sections can be brought into the boiler room individually, where they can be easily assembled, in situ, with a compression tool.

Eutectoplex heating surface for high operational reliability and a long service life

The cast sections of Vitorond  200 boilers are made from special eutectic cast iron with a homogeneous structure. The fine design of the graphite fins and the high level of material purity of the low phosphorous special cast iron increase its elasticity.

The material, shape and geometry of the cast sections provide even cooling inside the mould during manufacture. This prevents structural stresses right from the start, resulting in high operational reliability and a long service life.

Eutectoplex cast section heating surface in a Vitorond 200 low temperature gas/oil boiler

Three-pass boiler with low emissions

At the end of the combustion chamber, the combustion gases flow forward through four hot gas flues arranged symmetrically around the combustion chamber and enter the four collectors of the third hot gas pass via the front section. At the back of the boiler, the four cooled hot gas streams are channelled to the chimney via the flue gas connection.

The three-pass design reduces the dwell time of the hot gases in the high reaction temperature range. This results in reduced nitrogen oxide emissions.

Convenient and highly capable Vitotronic control unit

The user friendly Vitotronic control unit with a large colour touchscreen enables quick commissioning using the assistant function. The boiler can be connected directly to the internet for remote monitoring via the integral LAN interface. The Vitosoft  300 service tool communicates directly via WiFi. Energy consumption can be clearly visualised on the control unit's energy cockpit.

Product details

Output (kW)

440 to 950  kW

Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN]

With fuel oil: 88  % (Hs) [gross cv]


Natural gas E and LL. All commercially available EL fuel oils can be used.

Application area

Large residential buildings, commercial enterprises, local authority premises, new build and modernisation projects


Easy to operate Vitotronic  control unit with colour touchscreen. Integral LAN interface for internet communication and integral WiFi for service interface.

DHW heating

Additional DHW cylinder(s) required for high level of DHW convenience

Additional features

The sectional design and low weight of the individual sections ensure easy handling even in areas with difficult access.

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