Vitomax: Oil and gas boilers for medium and high output

System solutions for economical hot water and steam generation

Clean and energy efficient provision of heat, and high operational safety and reliability, are essential requirements for central heating systems in large buildings and industrial plants. This requires  competent consultation, a comprehensive range of services and heat generators with features that enable economical and futureproof heat generation.

Due to their design and equipment level, Vitomax family of industrial/commercial boilers deliver the best possible conditions for meeting individual customer requirements in a broad range of applications. The detailed design of the Vitomax family and the company's vast experience in building industrial boilers ensure superior quality, high operational reliability and a long service life. The comprehensive product range from Viessmann includes hot water boilers up to 20 MW.

Perfectly coordinated system technology

The Vitomax family of industrial/commercial boilers from Viessmann feature advanced, perfectly coordinated system technology, including:

  • Control and remote monitoring systems
  • Instrumentation and HMI control technology
  • Pumps and valves
  • Combustion systems with fuel supply
  • Pressure maintaining systems
  • Water treatment
  • Blowdown tank, flash vessel, and condensation station
  • Pipeline systems and flue systems

Low emission design

The Vitomax family of industrial/commercial boilers is designed for clean and efficient water heating with minimum emissions. Thanks to our advanced technology, all of our boilers are characterised by low NOx emissions, making them a forward-looking investment that complies with current and future emissions targets in energy and environmental policies.

Exceptional reliability

Exceptional operational reliability and a long service life characterise all Vitomax models. This is ensured by wide water galleries and a large water content with excellent natural circulation for reliable heat transfer. In continuous operation Vitomax hot water and steam boilers excel in terms of serviceability, thanks to the inclusion of water-cooled reversing chambers without lining.

The large cleaning doors further contribute to low maintenance costs, whilst the load bearing cover on top of the boiler is part of the standard delivery. This simplifies installation and maintenance and protects the thermal insulation against accidental damage.

Vitomax: 100 percent electric or hybrid

The Vitomax boilers are optionally designed for an all-electric operation or as a hybrid version combined with forced-air burners and electrical heating cartridges.

When using electricity, it is sometimes possible to benefit from low tariffs on the electricity market. CO2 emissions are also reduced with the (operational/local) emissions of electric boilers even amounting to zero.Variants with alternative fuels or the use of waste heat are also becoming more important. Especially hydrogen, which is one of the most promising fuel sources for achieving the current climate goals.

More environmentally friendly with hydrogen

Previously, the majority of hydrogen gas in chemical processes such as the production of chlorine and other industrial processes has been released into the atmosphere unused. A profitable and efficient solution is the use of Vitomax boilers that can be operated entirely with hydrogen. A large volume of climate-damaging CO2 is also avoided.The use of biogases and bio oils as a fuel is also not a problem for Vitomax boilers and rounds off their wide range of applications.