Enjoy a Viessmann guarantee of up to 10 years

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Whether stainless steel heat exchangers in the condensing boiler, stainless steel cylinders from the Vitocell  300 series or heating control via app: Viessmann products are characterised by their outstanding quality, resource-preserving technology and maximum efficiency. Which is why we offer a guarantee of up to 10  years on many components.

Basic information about the Viessmann guarantee

We also offer additional guarantee services in addition to the statutory warranty. The warranty period begins with commissioning, at the latest 12 months after delivery by Viessmann. With such guarantees we stand by our commitment to provide product owners and heating contractors with high quality products that work perfectly. Viessmann offers to rectify faults free of charge. This is provided that these are actually due to material or manufacturing defects.

Additional requirements for making a claim under the guarantee

  • Professional design and installation of the system.
  • Installation, maintenance, inspection, servicing and guarantee work must be handled exclusively by a recognised heating contractor.
  • Annual inspection and maintenance as specified by the Viessmann service instructions.
  • Only original Viessmann spare parts must be used.
  • Invoice must be fully settled (with regard to both the appliance itself and the fee for the guarantee)
  • The product must be located and used in Germany

What is excluded from the guarantee?

Certain defects or damage are not covered by the Viessmann guarantee. These include all defects or damage caused as a result of faulty design or assembly. The same applies if unsuitable operating resources or fuels have been used. Incorrect modifications to the system or parts of third party make can also lead to damage that is not covered by our guarantee. Likewise, wearing parts should always be replaced as specified by Viessmann. Otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Viessmann guarantee. These defects also include damage caused as a result of external influences, such as frost.

In addition to these basic conditions, we also offer a number of special warranty services, which are outlined below.


Guarantee for stainless steel heat exchangers up to 150  kW

Viessmann offers a 10  year guarantee on stainless steel heat exchangers with an output of up to 150  kW. The guarantee only applies to leaks caused by corrosion.

The following conditions apply to the guarantee:

  • Conclusion of a maintenance contract
  • Undertaking of maintenance work
  • Full proof of the prescribed maintenance having being carried out

Important note: Please note that you must register all heat generators delivered since 01/04/2018 within the first six months (see product registration).

Guarantee for stainless steel cylinders

All adjacent and horizontal cylinders in the Vitocell  300 series from Viessmann are made from stainless steel. These cylinders represent the highest possible product quality and are characterised by a lengthy service life and safe and efficient operation. That is why Viessmann now offers a 10  year guarantee against leaks caused by corrosion on stainless steel cylinders in the Vitocell  300 series sold from 01/04/2017.

The guarantee is offered subject to the following conditions:

  • Online registration of the system
  • A maintenance contract must be taken out and proof of maintenance in accordance with the technical documents provided.
  • Compliance with water quality according to Viessmann specifications
  • Installation of the product by a recognised heating contractor in accordance with the technical documents provided

This is a pure product guarantee, i.e. any costs incurred for installation, installation materials, labour, etc. are not included.

Product registration is required for the automatic guarantee extension (for certain components). To register, you need to enter the details of your system in our system and will then receive a system certificate. In addition to all important system data, this also contains the guarantee extension. For the registration process, you only need your serial number. You can register your Viessmann product yourself or ask your heating contractor to do it for you.

You will receive a 5  year guarantee when you connect your system via the ViCare app. This applies to all heat generators with an output of up to 60  kW purchased since 01/04/2016. Another important point is the web connectible control unit. In addition, the web connection must be established within the first 24  months of invoicing by Viessmann.

Furthermore, the guarantee only applies if the system remains connected for the entire guarantee period. In addition, servicing, inspection, maintenance and guarantee work must all be carried out by a heating contractor.

A 5  year guarantee is also available for selected 300  series packages from the Viessmann range. The guarantee commences with commissioning of the system and no later than three months thereafter. It ends after 5  years and is not extended or renewed by a perceived guarantee service.

What does the guarantee for the 300  series packages cover?

In the event of a guarantee claim, Viessmann will rectify the defects in the standard delivery package free of charge. The damage must be demonstrably the result of a material or manufacturing defect. Travel and labour costs for troubleshooting are included, as are removal of defective components and installation of replacements. All wearing parts and auxiliary materials are excluded from the guarantee. You can find out exactly what these are in BDH information sheet  14 on the annual inspection and maintenance of heating systems. Similarly, all damage caused by a failure to observe the assembly, operating and service instructions or by external influences is not covered by the guarantee.

With your new Viessmann heating system, you can count on reliable, efficient operation and a lengthy service life. When you purchase and install a Vitoset  Protect package, you receive a 6  year System  Plus guarantee on a Viessmann heat generator of up to 60  kW output purchased after 01/04/2020. In order to qualify for the guarantee, you must establish a web connection via the ViCare  app. The Vitoset  Protect original accessories include a fitting matched to your system for filling your heating system with treated water, as well as a dirt separator with magnet and an air separator. These components help to ensure the proper operation of your system.