Infrared heater

Viessmann is expanding its complete range with other products from the Vitoplanar family. After electric underfloor heating and surface heating, infrared heaters are now also available. Three devices with different equipment are available:

Vitoplanar EG2.A2500B and Vitoplanar EG2.A2000D
Premium infrared heater with integrated dimming and Bluetooth module

Vitoplanar EG3.A1400B and Vitoplanar EG3.A2000B
Modular infrared heater with optional accessories

Vitoplanar EG5.A1400B and Vitoplanar EG5.A2000B
Basic infrared module without accessories


  • Quick release system for easy assembly
  • Various mounting options (wall and ceiling mount)
  • TÜV certified
  • Durable and particularly powerful infrared heating tubes
  • Dimming and radio modules for power regulation and control
  • For applications in protected outdoor areas (e.g. balcony, terrace)
  • For indoor use (Vitoplanar EG2.A2000D, e.g. conservatories)
  • Ideal for operation with self-generated electricity (photovoltaic system, fuel cell heating device)

Product features

  • Power: 1.4 to 2.5 kW
  • Conversion of energy into heat: 92%
  • Residual light: < 1%
  • Service life: > 5000 hours
  • Maximum thermal radiation
  • Beautiful design

Product range

Premium Infrarotstrahler Vitoplanar EG2.A2500B und EG2.A2000D

Premium infrared heater Vitoplanar EG2.A2500B and EG2.A2000D

● Dimming module for remote control

● Bluetooth dimming module for operation via app

● Housing color: anthracite, white

● Outputs: 2500 W (B = Bright), 2000 W (D = Dimmed)

Modulare infrared heater Vitoplanar EG3.A2000B and EG3.B1400B

● Dimming and Bluetooth module for power switching with 33, 66, 100% (accessories)

● Weatherproof IP44 housing (e.g. use in protected outdoor areas such as terraces)

● Housing color: anthracite, white

● Power: 2000 W (B), 1400 W (B)

Modulare Infrarotstrahler Vitoplanar EG3.A2000B und EG3.B1400B

Basis Infrarotstrahler Vitoplanar EG5.A2000B und EG5.A1400B

Basis infrared heater Vitoplanar EG5.A2000B and EG5.A1400B

● Housing color: white

● Power: 2000 W (B), 1400 W (B)