Vitovolt 300: Extraordinary design and performance

The Vitovolt 300 MSBC modules feature a black anodised frame and monocrystalline cells in a particularly dark hue.

The result: extraordinary design combined with the highest performance values. The effect is even more architecturally stunning when these modules are incorporated into a flush mounted roof integration system.

These modules are suitable for installation on the roofs of detached houses and apartment buildings, as well as on commercial and industrial premises.

The benefits at a glance:

  • High yield technology
  • 25 years performance guarantee
  • Strict cell selection process for high value appearance
  • Weather-resistant construction for reliable operation
  • Anti-reflection glass for high yields
  • Black anodised frame for exceptional appearance

Efficient on-site consumption of solar power

Since generating solar power on-site is cheaper than drawing power from the grid, on-site consumption offers financial advantages. An optimized system concept with perfectly matched components ensures this high level of on-site consumption.

  1. Photovoltaic system
  2. Photovoltaic inverter
  3. Photovoltaic meter
  4. Consumers
  5. Heat pump meter
  6. Heat pump with Vitotronic 200 (type WO1C)
  7. Consumption and export/generation meter
  8. Public grid

Efficient on-site consumption with heat pump

The on-site consumption rate of the solar power generated can be significantly increased by using it for heating in addition to powering electrical consumers.

The most efficient method for using power to generate heat is to use a heat pump. With a heat pump, one kilowatt-hour of electricity can provide up to four kilowatt-hours of heat by using free natural heat from the surroundings.


Vitovolt 300 Specifications


up to 275 Wp
Module efficiency
up to 16.8 %
Application range
Residential buildings, commerce, industry, municipal offices | new build and modernisation projects