Commercial Photovoltaics: Generate and use power on-site

Due to falling feed-in tariffs, on-site consumption of solar power is the preferred option nowadays. Electricity costs per kilowatt-hour are generally far higher than the feed-in tariff for the same kilowatt-hour of solar power exported to the grid.

With energy costs constantly rising, a photovoltaic system helps users save money and reduce their dependence on power supply utilities. The power generated can be put to use on-site, stored temporarily, or exported to the public grid. Thanks to statutory feed-in tariffs or the savings made through on-site consumption, the investment pays for itself within a short period of time.

The photovoltaic power generated is first consumed on-site or temporarily stored and only surplus electricity is exported to the grid.

Three benefits of photovoltaic systems

There are many benefits of photovoltaic systems such as environmental protection (reducing the damage caused by emissions), an increase in property value (they make your property more valuable), and costs (generating solar power on-site is significantly cheaper nowadays than drawing domestic power from the grid).

In Indonesia, which has abundant solar power all year round, there is no doubt about the use of this Viessmann commercial photovoltaics unit.

Commercial Photovoltaics

Commercial photovoltaics are your cost-efficient solution for your energy needs. These photovoltaic units are especially effective in regions with significant sunlight and help reduce your carbon footprint.