Viessmann electric boilers – purely electric, energy-saving and low in emissions

For industrial use, it is important that boilers provide energy-saving and low-emission energy. In addition, a high level of operational reliability and availability should be guaranteed. Viessmann offers exactly these efficient energy systems - now also in the form of purely electric boilers for industry. Our offer includes coordinated components and systems. This is not only an economical and future-proof solution, but also enables it to be used in different areas. After all, the company has no local emissions because the Viessmann electric boiler does not produce any COx or NOx emissions.

What distinguishes the electric boiler?

Especially compared to conventionally fired boilers, the Viessmann electric boiler offers a number of advantages, particularly time savings. Among other things, a faster cold start is possible, since burner start-up times are no longer required and the energy is transferred more quickly to the water via the heating cartridges. In addition, system operators also benefit from faster availability of the electric boilers from stand-by or electric heat maintenance.
But the electric boiler also scores in terms of operation and the processes themselves. Particularly noteworthy is the compensation of peak loads and the large control range. In this way, partial load reductions can also be supplied better. The electric boiler can also be used as a backup boiler. This increases the security of supply in industrial applications. If boilers that are operated with fossil fuels fail, ongoing processes do not have to be interrupted. The electric boiler can be used here optimally for bridging. The electric boiler also impresses with its high efficiency of over 99 percent.

Benefits – Cost and space savings

The Viessmann electric boiler also scores on a financial level. Where no fuel is required, there is no need for fuel storage, fuel supply lines and burners. This saves money and reduces the space required in the boiler house. Another advantage of electric boilers is that they no longer need exhaust systems, because if no fuel is burned, no environmentally harmful exhaust gases are produced. The resulting smaller installation area and a significantly reduced weight compared to conventional boilers offer further positive arguments for the use of electric boilers. In addition, the operating costs themselves can be reduced by the electric boiler using cheaper electricity. You can either use off-peak electricity or self-generated excess electricity.

All advantages at a glance

  • faster cold start possible
  • Balancing peak loads
  • large control range
  • high efficiency
  • high security of supply
  • faster availability from stand-by mode
  • exhaust system, burner, fuel supply and storage not required
  • smaller footprint and lower weight
  • lower operating costs through the use of cheap electricity
  • no exhaust emissionseasy to keep the boiler warm

How does the use of electricity work with the electric boiler?

The Viessmann electric boiler uses excess electricity and can thus use production peaks in electricity generation ecologically and economically. A heating cartridge converts the electricity into heat, which in turn is used to generate steam and hot water. As a flange heater, the heating cartridge is attached to the boiler via a socket and corresponds to the applicable DIN standards. The wall thickness of up to 2.1 millimeters ensures high resistance to corrosion and mechanical loads. Depending on customer requirements, different immersion lengths of the heating cartridges of up to 4.5 meters are possible.

Vitomax HS-E_Schnitt_L.png

Request information of the electric boilers

The Viessmann electric boiler can be used to generate steam or heat. Our experts will be happy to help you and support you with your projects. If you have further questions on topics such as "electrical overheating" or "electrical feedwater preheating", then don't hesitate to request individual specialist advice. Our experts will work with you to check which project requirements are possible.

Significance for the energy transition

With the electric boiler for industrial applications, a step can be taken in the direction of the energy transition. The system uses the power-to-heat principle, i.e. it uses electricity to generate steam and heat. In this way, the increasing proportion of renewable energies, especially wind and solar, in the power grid can be used sensibly.
You are already taking a more climate-friendly path and are also relying on a future-proof system solution. The Paris Agreement clearly stipulates that global warming may not exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius. The goal can only be achieved if private and public investments support this implementation.